Dec 19, 2022


This is my dad Reverend Robert J. Silver. He was born in Somerville, Massachusetts. He was born under 2 pounds and back in 1944 the odds were against him. He was takin home by his mom. A shoe box in the top dresser drawer was his bassinet. Well by the grace of God he lived! Not only did he live but he thrived! He was very highly athletic and excelled in academia. He was a very devout catholic and was striving to become a priest, until he began spending time with the priest outside of the church... Then he met mom, his future beloved Connie. They eloped to N.Carolina where the tv station they had was airing a Billy Graham crusade. Well he didn't so much care for what that man was teaching, and so up he'd go cursing him out and off the tv would go. Well with nothing else to do, up he'd go and turn it back on. Until one night my mom (the beloved Connie) declared why dont you just get on your knees and pray.... Well as soon as those words came out of her mouth she instantly regretted it, because she didnt want a Christian husband... but sure enough he did he hit his knees and prayed. From that day on he was on a journey that would lead a man that was as shy as they come to getting filled with the Holy Spirit. Becoming a preacher and being called to raise churches from the dead! 




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